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BERGI S.p.A., founded in 1965 by the current president Mr. Giovanni Bergozza, is a Company designing and manufacturing machines for processing leathers. Forty years of active presence in the market have consolidated a trademark that, nowadays, is widely recognised and respected as a leader in this sector. The great appreciation has been confirmed in 2003 when Bergi has been awarded with the gold medal for internationalization.

The Company was founded with the name of Officine Meccaniche OFB and begun the production of automatic padding machines with mechanical arms and piston pumps for finishing lines. During the early 70’s, BERGI started the production of the first Italian through-feed ironing machine 3000 mm for upholstery. In the 80’s Bergi changed its name into Industrie Meccaniche BERGI OFB spa and started the production of the "COLORAMA", the first through-feed roller coating machine and the "ARUGA" the reversible sammying and setting out machine with two bladed rolls. In 2004, the name was changed to BERGI spa in order to simplify it.

BERGI has always concentrated on innovative research that brought the Company relevance in different sectors. BERGI spa has created machines for the textile, for the leather coating and for the paper cutting fields. In 2005, as a result of its determination to explore new areas BERGI created BERTECH, a company dedicated to the construction of stackers and automation systems for the leather sector.

All BERGI’s trademarks (BERGI, BERTECH and BERTEX) develop their products inside the technical department while the assistance and selling network is extended all over the world through local technicians and representatives who are constantly supported and trained by the Italian Area Managers and technicians.

One of BERGI’s strongest points is its persistent and active presence in all the major markets. BERGI actively participates in all the major trade fairs and always keeps also a direct relationship with its customers.

The good results obtained over the years prove that BERGI is considered one of the most advanced companies in its field, occupying a leading position both in the domestic and international markets.

BERGI is not only designing and assembling its machines. The Company has its own specialized department equipped with state-of-the-art machine tools to prepare the structures and the frames of the machines. The elements that identify the BERGI name and its trademarks are: the continuous research of new solutions, the active synergy between companies operating in different fields, the constant attention to the markets as to the perspective they offer and the innovations they require.






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